Apuldram Fishing & Boat Club was established in 1966.

The Club's objective is to promote a spirit of comradeship amongst local people who use Dell Quay and Chichester harbour for the purpose of boating for either pleasure or fishing.

The Club has a listed wooden planked building on the north side of the quay at Dell Quay providing easy access to the end of the quay for fishing and the pontoon for boating. The ground floor window provides panoramic views over the water to the South Downs. The Club has a toilet and comfortable sitting area on the ground floor with facilities for making refreshments. Upstairs it has a changing area and lockers.


The Club has a good selection of friendly competitions including the Inner Harbour, Outer Harbour, evening, and away competitions. The Club's aggregate points system rewards participation so it’s not necessarily the person who catches the most or heaviest fish who wins these trophies!  There is often a buzz in the club house shortly after the finishing time as the members report and ‘weigh in’ their catch and record specimen fish that might win them a trophy ….often accompanied by much banter, hilarity, and tall stories of the one that got away.

To raise funds the Club organises two Saturday morning jumble sales during the year. These rely on the help of members. As well as raising funds, these events it brings the members together for a hard working but fun morning.

The prize giving is a social highlight where members gather and swap stories of the previous season's successes.

The Club holds an AGM at which the members receive a report from the Committee, elect the new committee members, and raise matters or issues that they wish to discuss.

The Club welcomes all new members, but particularly junior members, who it hopes will support the club and participate in its events. 
Its membership fees are very modest and so provide outstanding value for money.

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