Aftermath of a storm

Recently I drove over to the coastal regions of Essex to the small seaside towns of Frinton on Sea and Walton on the Naze to visit a relative. One morning I found myself walking along beautiful sandy beach. I have fished from the beaches and pier there many times in that region catching a wide

variety of interesting fish.There had recently been extreme storms and heavy snow with obvious signs of damage to many beach huts.As I wondered by the edge of the waves there were vast numbers of birds feeding excitedly and enjoying an early breakfast. They were making lots of noise and it made me wonder what was on the

menu! On closer inspection, there, before my eyes were huge amounts of lobsters, crabs and star fish. One lobster about 300mm long was still alive and I returned back into the sea.Later that day I read a localnewspaper article which described how local professional fisherman had collected hundreds of beached lobsters and returned them back into the sea to develop into larger specimens later in the season.


 A piece written by fellow member

Allan Blamire

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